My 921, It's ALIVE!! It's ALIVE!

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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Ok if you read my other thread I told you about the death of my 921 last night. On the phone with the tech we tried everything to revive it but had no luck. After an hour on the phone I was given a RA number and my 921 was pronounced dead.

After I got off the phone with the tech I pulled the power plug on the 921 and went to bed.

Today I got home from work and decided to plug it in. Again I got the death notice on my screen. My wife and I decided to take the kids out to Chuck E Cheese for Dinner and some video games, so I left the 921 as it was, plugged in.

As I was eating dinner I got a phone call from one of my contacts at Echostar all excited to tell me that the L1.45 software just got signed off on and would be spooling tonight. I actually got excited with him on the phone til I remembered my 921 was dead.

We we just got home at about 7:30 and I came online and saw reports of people starting to get the download, I felt disapointed I wouldnt be able to test the software until I got my new 921.

Then I came into my Living Room where the 921 was and for sh*t's and giggle to turn on my TV, there was video playing from the 921, I didnt think anything of this because when the 921 dies after awhile it should just function as a regular satellite receiver. I then pressed the MENU button on my remote and the menu popped up! I then went in and saw that my unit was ALIVE again!

I did lose all my recorded shows, but I didn't care, my 921 was ALIVE again. I then looked at the software update screen and was amazed to find that it took the download!! I was now on L145HECD-N!!


I will still ship this 921 back because I am sure something is wrong with it, however the gods are shining down on me because now I have the new software and my 921 works.
Graet news, Scott. I was really worried about what happened.

Dan Landreth told me at CES that the 921 has it's primary memory in firmware so very little can cause a failure like to shows unless the hardware is dead as in power supply. The new download was probably what revived it.

Anyway, soon my new 921 will be alive too, I hope. Arrived today!
Got mine 2 days ago and it is still in the box...waiting for the installer (I am scared of heights and can't get to the roof to do lnb swaps)..but I should have it for superbowl! I get CBS-HD from dish so OTA is not a problem for me. If the 921 freaks out on me, my 6000 will still be there to take up the slack.

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