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Feb 21, 2009
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Hi Folks,

Just wondering what happed to DVRs that have a hard drive and DVD burner. Did the Hollywood bigwigs whack this piece of equipment???

My bro has one....he's able to record a whole season of shows then burn them to disks afterwards.


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Apr 13, 2007
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It seems to me that they are not going to make Hi-Def versions. I have a Polaroid with SD analog tuner. You can plug anything with a video/svid etc into it and record to HDD, then goto DVD. A guy could plug a converter box into it and get some of the best SD available OTA or FTA.

I have seen media players but nothing with digital tuner, HDD and Blu-Ray burner. I just bought my first HDTV, a Samsung 32" for the bedroom. I got a deal on it but I'm putting a 42+ in the livingroom soon. And one in the basement 32".

I want to be able to send video to them all at the same time with OTA and FTA (both digital), and internet and the HDD/DVD STB.

I can build a PC to do it but a box would be nice.

My two cents...

And from a PC....

My opinon that they may not make any is because they really don't want you to record 1080 from OTA and edit it and burn it.

They don't like DTV stations broadcasting content for free that comes so close to what they produce or sell, as in studios and cable/sat companies.

I'm trying to go completely digital. C/Ku band alalog is gone. I have Ku digital (neighbors tree in front of BUD). I want a FTA receiver with terrestial HD tuner, HDD, and Blu-Ray burner.

Oh, lets wish big!

With built-in WiFi and act as NAS (Network Attached Storage)!!!

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