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Mar 18, 2007
Twin Cities MN
I have a DVR211 that was converted at the beginning. my problem is that sometimes, and more often now the receiver becomes very slow and unresponsive. my wife also complains that she is missing parts of her shows due to glitching and freezing. Temps dont seem to be an issue at that location. this is the second WD essentials drive on this setup, the first had disk errors and the box would drop the dvr function.
are there tools for running diagnostics on the drive that work better than others ? I have a second non dvr 211 i could try to see if that works any better.
My wife is at here wits end here with this, she wants something that works.
is a 211k going to gain me anything with this problem ? should i try the other 211 in the house? I have a 622, i can upgrade to the 722k and move the 622 for her, but then thats $10 more per month and we cant use tv2 at that location.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks much for the time.
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