DVR625 problems


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Jan 17, 2007
Can someone please help (Dish can't). I bought a used dvr625. Had existing Dish500 ant. w/dual lnb 110/119, sw21 w/one cable coming down into house. Added a Dish separator behind receiver with a feed going to each tuner input. Problem: one tuner gets both sat's no problem, other tuner only gets 119. When I do a "switch test" it checks out fine...?? I replaced sw21, and separator-no fix. It's not the receiver because if I switch around the inputs off the back of the separator, it reverses which tuner has the problem. The separator is labeled "DP", but nothing else in the antenna config is "DP", does this create a conflict? if so, what is the correct separator to use? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Nov 15, 2006
Chicago, IL
I don't know if it's the same problem I had, but it's very close. I had a 522 that would get everything fine on TV 2 but would not get any 119 programs on tv1. After messing around, I found that if I turned TV 1 tuner on first I would get everything. TV 2 tuner always got everything. If tuner 1 was turned off but tuner 2 was on, then tuner 1 turned on again, no 119. The fix was a "rebuilt" 522. So far thats fixed it. Again, not exactly the same problem, but maybe it'll help you figure out whats goin on. Mine also said everything was "good" and in the green when a check switch was done.
Hope this helps. Fred


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Dec 27, 2006
Sounds like you need a Dish Pro dual LNB LNBF. Try ebay you will find a used one for less than $30 shipped. Or add a second line coming down from the dish.
Good luck.


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