E* HDTV IN A BOX ad in 1/04 Home Theater magazine


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Sep 7, 2003
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Got home today and the latest issue of Home Theater was in the mail. I started to read an the 2nd ad in the front is a two page spread for the HDTV package for $1,499 with an 800-WOW-HDTV number to call (along with a bunch of fine print for the additional charges).

So I wonder if Dish is really going to do this? I thought I heard some rumbles that they might change their mind (gee, that would be a shock). I also wonder if Charlie's going to mention this on Monday with availability dates or the usual tune in next month for more information? This should be a really interesting chat or a real bust.
I found it quite funny that they are advertising this package in Home Theater magazine which is geared more to the higher end crowd! The package sells a cheapo RCA HDTV that no one would dare buy that subscribes to Home Theater Magazine. At least I surely wouldn't, and I know I am not alone as a HT mag subscriber!

Getting rid of DHP!

Dec 8th Charlie Chat is Make or Break time

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