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Nov 18, 2003
Many moons ago (before I knew any better), I signed up with E* and got a 4922 receiver, a Dish500 and an SW21 switch under the Digital Dynamite plan (now DHP). I later added a 508 as an additional receiver with a new Quad 500 Switch.

Last month, I took advantage of the 6000 offer for $149. I installed it as an additional outlet. They also installed a 2nd dish for locals and a SW64 switch. At first, the CSRs resisted because I was a DHP customer. I asked what I had to do to become a non-DHP customer and the CSR replied, "Send in all your equipment and buy all new equipment."

So what do I do now?

I purchased the 6000 (with "all switches, etc included") it's mine. Can I send them back the 508 and buy a 510 for $99? Can I pick up a cheap receiver somewhere to replace my 4922? Maybe a 301 since Scott has them for $99 as well. Its just in a closet for input to my I don't really care what it is.

Thanks guys. I just want to know all my options before I call the Executive CSRs tomorrow.


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Sep 7, 2003
Cape Coral, Florida
Basically, the CSR is right. You have to send back all the equipment that you recieved on the DHP plan, and buy your own equipment. This is what I did to get off DHP. They do not ask for the LNB or the Dish if you stay a customer.

As for the 510 upgrade, I would guess that once you send the stuff back, and are officially off DHP, you would be eligible for any current upgrade offers. You can buy a 301 from Scott, or Ebay. Just be sure that if you buy off of EBay, that there is no balance on the account and the receiver has been released for reactivation.

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