E* WB installer test, you wont believe it



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Mar 20, 2006
Red Dwarf
I am a Certified WB installer, to become an "E* WB installer" I had to take a cert. test for them also. There was some confusion with the links on E*'s web sight. I was sent to the test for people who weren't already WB certified. Take a look at these screen captures I took of some of the questions they had. I couldn't believe it either and refused to continue this insult of a test.

We found out there was a different test for installers that were already WB cert. It did have one of those q's though.

Just thought I'd give everybody a good laugh :)

Jared Twomey

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Mar 7, 2005
Tacoma, WA
ha, the test seems to have gotten easier since i took it. :p
I took it before wildblue was even lit up, and the questions were all worded dumb, and was almost impossible to pass the first time. Everyone in the class failed it, so the teacher guy reset them and let us try again.

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