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Feb 2, 2004
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Okay we've talked about this before but it just doesn't make sense to me.

According to Scott's post about the spot beam change over schedule, come April 17 Honolulu locals will be switched to E10. The locals are currently on a spotbeam from 119. PQ is terrible but signal strength is great at about 108 on the Big Island.

99% of E*s subscribers in Hawaii only have one dish pointed at 119. E* offers a special package for Hawaii that only includes programs from 119.

I have not read anything in this forum or from Dish where they ae going to provide customers with a dish pointed at 110.

Am I missing something?

I am luckly in that I was able to get an 811 and the HD package after talking to the executive offices. I have had it for quite sometime even though HD programing is not "offered in Hawaii".

Why would they now switch locals over to the 110 sat and then have to install a new dish for almost all of their customers? The 110 sat can not be seen with a dish 500, it's to far away.



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Aug 5, 2004
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I cant see why hd programming is not avaible in hawaii. You all are apart of the states like the rest of us. If not we need to start the stop discriminating hawaii and alaska and allow hd campain :D.... I think the big thing with this is there moving as many locals over to echo x to improve where things are and to hopefully free up some space after the big channel move.


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Apr 3, 2006
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I can't explain their thinking on moving the locals. But according to this thread on AVS...


Charles O said: The issue was brought up by a local retailer to Echostar in the last month, Dish said that it will now authorize the "DishHD" packages in Hawaii. But Dish will not do any rebates or lease programs for either the Vip211 or the Vip622 receivers. Basically you pay for the dishes, multiswitches and receivers.


Charles O said: Currently for all the programming in the "DishHD" bundles requires 3 dishes. A 24" for 119, 30" for 110 and 30-36" for 129. However, once EchoX goes into service later in April the size for 110 may decrease. 110 has the "old" HD channels(ESPN/TNT/DiscHD/HDnet and Movies)plus HBO and SHO. 129 has ESPN2, UniversalHD and the VoOm channels.

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