[Other Topic] Ear Falls, Canada to get 1st FM station


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Nov 17, 2003
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courtesy of northpine

Ear Falls, a community of about 1,000 people that's approximately 100 miles northeast of Kenora by air, is poised to get its first FM signal. The CRTC has granted an application by Acadia Broadcasting to convert CKDR-4 from AM 1450 to FM 97.5, using 50 Watts. CKDR-4 is one of several rebroadcasters of Acadia's CKDR-FM/92.7 (Dryden), which carries an Adult Contemporary format. Currently, Ear Falls is outside of the range of any regular FM reception. The only other station in town is CBC Radio One's CBOI/690. Both AM stations use 40 Watts.


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"We're BOONIES FM and we're on the air!"

That far out is almost certainly further away from a hospital than I ever want to be again.


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There's an excellent book about remote broadcasting, (Not Canada, but Alaska) that I highly recommend....it brings the history of remote location broadcasting to the reader quite well. "Airwaves Over Alaska"....for "radio" type people it's informative and inspiring, reminding us all that the things we take for granted had their start SOMEWHERE in our past.
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