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Sep 20, 2010
Hi - one quick question - does my dish have to point to the south EAST when my previous dish pointed to the south WEST. I have a Dish Turbo HD on my roof and the line of site is a little blocked by a tree while it is aimed south east. If I could go back to the south west I would have a perfect line of site. I do have HD programming now (which I did not have with the previous dish) not sure if that makes a difference though.

Sorry if this question has been asked in a million other post but I just could not find the answer any where.

Thanks for the help!


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Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
Could use either arc ,except your Hd locals might be on the opposite arc. Sometimes they are on BOTH arcs and then it wouldn't matter at all. Like in my area my hd locals are on both arcs so I have eastern arc ( 77/72.7/61.5) and my dad has western arc( 110/119/129). So check the LIST on this website and you can see what satellites have your hd locals.

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