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Feb 1, 2005
Bayamon, PR
Is it possible to not see some transponders on 110 due to weather?

Yesterday was quite windy and today as well. My big ol 5' dish that aims to 110 moves a little.

I am able to see channel 102, which is 110 and all of HDTV without any problems, but I can't see 103 and 104 which are also on 110, but using transponder 22 or 23 I believe.

If I check the signal I get a low 38 on that transponder, but get 50+ on the 12, and even higher on the spot-beam...

Any clues? Just wondering.

I am still thinking that getting a DP34 just to hook-up 61.5 is useless untill football season starts and I can get CBS in HD. Still, what else is there in that bird worth the hassle. I already have a DTV dish pointed to E* 61.5, just need to sell my 2 DP21s and buy a DP34 and a DP LNB...

Any opinions?

Finally, and silly enough, I just figured out that I would pay almos the same if I got all movie packages including HBO+CINEMAX+SHOWTIME+STARZ/ENCORE and downgrading to AT60, than what I pay now for AT120 and HBO+CINEMAX+SHOWTIME...

Really, having SCIFI, A&E, TNT, History, and Discovery is really all you need from AT60... What else good is there in AT120, besides Sirius (which is fine if you listen to music on your TV+I barerly have time to watch the tube, much less listen to music in it)...

Any other cool reasons I haven't thought of?



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Jan 25, 2004
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since you are in PR, i guess some transponders might not have as strong as a signal to you. try peaking out your signal on transponder 11 or 12. i believe those are the national coverage.

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