EchoStar 105 Launch

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  1. EchoStar 105 is scheduled for launch 10/11 at 8:30 PM ET. Live coverage from the Kennedy Space Center on channel 88 & 89 in HD.
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  3. Thanks cpdretired.
  4. Saw the channels over the weekend, but when I tuned to them, it said "Not Available". Are they active now?
  5. I just set a timer on channel 89. Title is Special Programming at 8:30pm.
  6. What is Echostar 105 going to be for? Is this just a satellite for internet access? Or replacing something else?
  7. Commercial and government comms. Nothing for us.
  8. Gotcha - thanks for the info
  9. Dish Anywhere is telling me I am not subscribed to these channels. I always enjoy a launch, so that is disappointing.
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  10. These should be the channels that everyone receives. They are not subscription channels.
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  11. Yeah. That is what I thought too.
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  12. Well, I had a timer set for 8:30 PM to 3 AM last nite for channel 89. Timer worked ok but did not see a launch.
  13. Was just at Kennedy on 10/2 for a family vacation. The bus tour that normally takes you out to launchpad 39A told us he couldn't get too close because they were setting up for the launch (we got to see pad 39B instead). That disappointed my kids but then they got to watch it live on Dish last night so that was pretty cool!
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  14. What time and channel did you watch the launch?
  15. They launched about 35 minutes earlier than what the dishguide and one other site had led me to believe.
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  16. Thanks
  17. Just read it went up fine and that the SpaceX rocket was a refurb and still landed it back on the Of Course I Still Love You barge.

    Won't be long (unless government screws it up) until we have fleets of mini sats flying LEO and dissolve the quasi monopolies of Comcast etc. Affordable high speed/low latency internet with no wires to the house.
  18. Coverage started around 6:00PM EST (actual launch was just before 7:00). It was shown on Channels 88 and 89.
    You can watch it on YouTube here (it was just a copy of the SpaceX feed):

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