Wireless joey range?

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  1. So when I had my system upgraded to h3 lastyear, I got 3 wireless joey's for the house.

    What's the range of these? I may want to put one in my detached garage, aprox 300' from the wap(?)

    If not, can I:

    A) add another wireless point to boost range
    B) hardwire one in somehow?
  3. I have a wireless joey with my HWS. I don't know the range, because mine is only a couple of rooms away. I had no problems until the forced
    upgrade. Now when I first turn it on, the station comes on for a couple of seconds & then back off for a couple of seconds. After that it is
    fine, except for the slowness, again due to the forced update
  4. The Joey 2s are doing the same on and off and back on dance as well.
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  5. I just thought that was normal!
  6. Probably is and it doesn’t bother me a bit. I just mentioned the Joey2s because it seemed like the earlier poster thought it was a wireless Joey thing,
  7. The listed range for a wireless Joey is 200 feet. A lot of things come into play here like metal in the walls, lead paint etc. I would be shocked if 300 feet will work
  8. I don't know what your house setup is or where your access point is located but you would have to locate your access point next to the outside wall closest to your garage or even setting in a window to have a chance.
  9. You can also run a cable to the nearest point to the garage, connected as you would a joey and use a hic (Hopper internet Connector) at that spot with the Access Point connected to the HIC. That's how a WAP is relocated for better range to the WiFi Joeys
  10. That's a pie in the sky estimate. Half that and you might still have problems, pending the physical "real world of a home".
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  11. Right right, exactly