echostar 11 launch update from sea launch


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Nov 27, 2003
I guess my only concern at this point is the lower resolution and PQ wont be as "short term" as I thought.

Do you really think PQ will improve? I have watched both SD & HD go from awesome for HD & great for SD go to poor in the last 20 months.

Dish does not care about a good picture, only their bottom line.

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May 3, 2007
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Don't Panic. There's a lot more to this than HD "leadership".

First, a small minority of DBS/Cable subscribers have HD. On my block in a typical upper-middle-class Chicago Suburb, less than 20% have HDTV service. I am a partner is a geeky technology consultancy (lots of early adopters), and only four of 25 people have HD (two of them also have iPhones). So for a lot of people, it just does not matter..
Your 100 percent correct. Its true your looking at the list of HD customers right here. There small amout of people that I know that even have HD.About 3 out of 100. I can't even talk any of my friends into even spending the money for an HD package. They rather spend the money on a blueray or HD DVD then have an HD package.Thats just want I've noticed.Most people are Just as happy with OTA only.


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Sep 25, 2003
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90% of the HD I watch is OTA, only because most of the satellite programs I watch are not in HD. If every cable show was HD, people would sit up and take notice. If you are not a fan of the few networks that are HD now, you would not show interest in HD on satellite.


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Feb 1, 2006
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Do you really think PQ will improve? I have watched both SD & HD go from awesome for HD & great for SD go to poor in the last 20 months.

Dish does not care about a good picture, only their bottom line.

It's not only E*. It's D* and cable as well. They love stupid people who claim loyalty and continue to pay big bucks for a bunch of crap channels that, on average, few people watch and channels that have even crappier picture quality. The introduction of more HD channels will be no different than SD channels. More channels in HD that most people won't watch, but, oh boy, I have 100 HD channels, whoopee. It's amazing that people just accept what they get instead of demanding that E* and D* and cable provide the quality that subscribers should expect and pay big bucks for.


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Nov 25, 2003
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You're stringing a lot of if's together there cowboy.

And you sir ,seem to not see the possibilities I speak of . IF the sat is not launched till March of 2008 , and you have to allow for time to test it and that would push the new sat 45 - 60 days before it would be ready for new channels to be added. That would mean that the new service wouldn't be ready till after MAY or June. That gives Directv the time frame from Sept 2007 - May or June of 2008 , or around 9 months , to get ahead of DISH and cable on the addition of new hd channels. Stands to reason that DISH wouldn't have enough bandwith to add that many more hd on existing satellites , unless ALL HD was to go mpeg 4 by the end of this year. The list of channels DIRECTV has said they will add come Sept, and through out the rest of the year look quite good and plentiful. They are actually adding channels that people will watch in HD like SCi -FI and other popular channels. THIS window of time and the fact that DIrectv is advertising like CRAZY about all the hd channels they will have , will cause a lot of churn and new subs being added to their service over DISH and Cable, especially if DISH is not able to add them due to bandwith restraints or late satellite launch dates.

BUt I will table this for now till I hear one way or another what is going on from DISH about the sat launch and when they will actually start the new mpeg 4 service .

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