EchoStar alleges cable company stealing signal

If true that is really funny. :haha

I saw an interview on our local cable company that said anytime it is cloudy (yes cloudy) out you will lose satellite signal. Now to hear of a cable company that might be stealing satellite signal.

Just a classic.
They want a jury kidding...milk this....

...any money they spend on this lawsuit is 100 TIMES better than any advertising...

..this is classic... :yes
Seen this before...

TW in south houston is grabbing shows off of Dish for their local cable access channels. I know this because there was a frozen screen the other day when I was visiting my mom, searching for satellite, and it was a dish search screen, trying to access FSTV (the America is evil network). Wonder if Time Warner is paying dish for this?

WARNING! 921 ports now covered over on newly shipped units.

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