EchoStar Joins MoCA Group


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From our friends at

EchoStar is one of a handful of companies forming the Multimedia Over Coax Alliance (MoCA), a group that aims to enable consumer entertainment devices such as TVs, digital set-top boxes, DVRs, DVDs, PCs and other electronics to seamlessly interconnect throughout the home using existing coax cabling.

MoCA's goal is to develop specifications and certify products that will tap into bandwidth available on the in-home coax without the need for new connections, wiring, point of entry devices or truck rolls. It's anticipated that the first MoCA enabled products will be released within the next year, the alliance said.

In addition to EchoStar, founders of the alliance include Cisco Systems, Comcast, Entropic Communications, Matsushita Electric and Panasonic, Motorola, RadioShack and Toshiba.

"MoCA enables people to distribute high bandwidth video and audio at their convenience, over the coax wiring already in their home," said Dave Kummer, senior vice president of engineering and manufacturing at EchoStar. "MoCA devices will provide for secure distribution and let our DISH Network customers take advantage of the digital revolution and home networking."
I thought I would resurrect this thread beacause there is some recent news :

Click on the "MoCA Completes Plugfest For 270 Mbps Home Networking Products"

It sounds like they finally have the technology up and running .
This development may hint at (near ?) future products to come from Dish; the ability to stream several HD and SD feeds throughout the home using existing cable .

Dish Retail Price - 798$ for 942

clone PVR 721 when new? Anticipate crash?

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