Echostar News Conference at CES


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Dec 11, 2003
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Saw that Echostar is having a news conference at 6:00 PM (PST I presume) at CES. Here is a link to the notice:

Wonder what will be announced?
I hope they announce something good.

So far no mention of a price increase (yeah!)

So far the news out of Dish for the CES has been a big "so what" for me.

Let's hope tonights conference is something good.
I do believe so. :)

I have not heard from them yet but I know they are there. As I heard from them last night.

I will report whatever I hear.
Reasons why they have not posted:
1) Their jaws are still dropped in suprise.
2) They are too embarassed to report the news.
3) E* announced Tasy as new CEO, and they are dumping stock.
4) There is another convention in town, and they are too busy.
5) Nothing worthwhile was said.

6) They hit it big time on the slots.
7) 6 pm conflicted with Happy Hour at the lobby bar.
I heard from one contact yesterday who told me they could not connect to the Internet from their Hotel room.

One of the Contacts is from Connecticut and he will be bringing me pictures on Saturday.

And I am also thinking #7 from Barry could have something to do with it :D

I don't think much was said at the press conference, if there was something big it would have been followed by a press release.
I thought it was very exciting on Wednesday--listening and following both satellite radio company's with their press conferences and new channel/product offerings, etc.

Its the opposite with Echostar--no new/exciting developments as far as I am concerned. Maybe something today.
So let's see what has Dish really announced at the CES show...

Nothing really...

They announced the HDTV's which they did already. They announced a new varation of the DHP plan...

Other then that NOTHING.

Although I have heard no mention of a price increase, so that is good I guess.

Something is going on at Echostar.
BarryO said:
6) They hit it big time on the slots.
7) 6 pm conflicted with Happy Hour at the lobby bar.

8. They found out AVN Convention was also in town and we haven't seen them since.
9. They found Nikki Cox, Vanessa Marcil, and Molly Sims filming a scene for NBC's Las Vegas show and they still haven't regained coherent thought yet.

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