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Dec 30, 2003
Ordered the DHP plan with 811/522 3 room install (sucks 2 share the 522 between 2 rooms). My question is this:
My buddy has a 301 may give me that he has lying around.
DO the switches they are currently providing (and LNB) allow me to eventually have a 4th line dropped into a room if I wanted it (without having to change the switch/setup).
I am getting my locals and believe their are some on 61.5, so I should be getting 2 dishes (110/119 and 61.5) from what I have been told by friends who havit it if that makes a difference.
My main concern is will I be able to drop a 4th line down on my own (and avoid the $99 charge) without having to replace the switches they are providing with the DHP 811/522 3 room plan.
Thank you.
Well if you are getting two dishes, and the 522, I would say you would be getting a DP34 switch. Thus, you would still have one extra port on the switch to hook up an additonal receiver (1 for 811, 2 for 522, and 1 spare).

Thanks. I remember my buddy saying something like he had an SW64 which would work, but don't want to have to swap switches and stuff in case their is a problem the pops up with it one day. I may ask the installer how much it would be to drop the 4th line down while he is here, then pay the $5 a month to add the receiver he should be giving me at a later time.

Does it have anything to do with the LNB's? Or is it just a switch issue.
Thanks again.

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