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    Hi Folks,

    Thought of asking this, on this forum.

    Do anyone knows what site to download a service manual of
    ELMO Movie projectors??? Elmo TRV-R8 and S8
    ( Regular 8 mm films and Super 8 films )

    A lot of those sites I found on GOOGLE requires sign-up
    for free for one month and to pay.

    Years ago I used to be able to download service manuals
    for free, and NOT have to sign up and all that crap.

    Here's an example of the site that I could NOT or unable
    or the publisher NOT allow to download such service manual.

    Elmo TransVideo TRV S8 & TRV R8 User & Service Manual 124 Pages

    I need a service manual for my ELMO Regular 8 mm projector that has
    a problem The bulb, the fan and the power are OKAY.
    The wheel part and the threader aren't working. NOT going
    18 or 24 frames per second.

    Hope any of you know a site where I can download the ELMO
    projector service manual as in PDF/.

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    Looking at what they charge to repair those projectors, you might consider getting something that's a little easier to find parts for. Lamps can be ridiculously expensive. There are some important drive belts in an Elmo and they haven't been manufactured for a long time so if you get it running, there's no telling how long it will last.

    Perhaps a better alternative is to have your 8mm and Super8 professionally transferred to digital. My local Costco offers transfers to DVD from 8mm, Super8 and 16mm. It isn't cheap, but their contractor does a great job.

    digmypix.com advertises $10/reel for 50' 8mm reels. They offer both DVD and Blu-ray.

    I've seen some stuff done by Pacific Imaging of McMinnville, OR and they do good work (including restoration).

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