Emotiva Audio Previews Ambitious 2016 Lineup


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The 2016 lineup includes a new line of high-performance but lifestyle-focused audio gear called Emersa, the new XPA Gen 3 line of high-performance modular amplifiers, and the addition of passive speakers to the company's popular powered Airmotiv speaker family featuring folded-ribbon tweeters.

Described as a significant step above the Gen 2 amplifier line, the XPA Gen 3 amplifiers feature a modular design that makes it possible to add channels in the future. All share the same chassis and power supply, differential input, complementary/short-signal-path Class A/B circuitry, and Optimized Class H power topology. The power supply is a new universal switching design that automatically adapts to line voltages between 100 and 250 volts.

The models, ranging from 2 x 350 watts to 7 x 250 watts, are: XPA-2 ($999), XPA-3 ($1,119), XPA-4 ($1,399), XPA-5 ($1,599), XPA-6 ($1,799), and XPA-7 ($1,999).

The six-model Emersa line has been “engineered to balance performance with lifestyle, décor with function,” according to company founder and president Dan Laufman, who added: “Great audio performance should be experienced in the real world. It shouldn’t compromise on convenience or performance.”

Read more at http://www.soundandvision.com/conte...ews-ambitious-2016-lineup#ZJwYG1ssQYqPYc1J.99

Wow, retail moves and manufacturing in the US sure jacked up that XPA line pricing LOL. Wonder what in the heck Emotive is thinking...

Anyways, wonder if any of their Direc Live preamps will actually be UHD ready.


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Emotiva is now taking pre-orders ( shipping in a few weeks ) on their XPA Gen 3 line. The cost increase is due to making them here in the US and, of course, the modular design. The base unit has to have the power ( 3kV ) to power the maximum number of blades. Emotiva is also working on 500 watt blades that will take up two slots, for a maximum of 3 in the base box. I think they will come down in price eventually as they sell more of them.

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