Enter to Win: Sponsors Super Satellite Sampler System - Contest Ends 2.28.2010

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WS International and Satellite AV have joined together to offer the most incredible FTA prize system ever offered to one lucky SatelliteGuys member.

Enter to Win a Complete Motorized KU/C-Band Mini BUD System with a BIG box of satellite accessory goodies to sample, test, evaluate!

What will a lucky SatelliteGuy member win?


Click on the links below to learn more about these items

* Includes Free Shipping to any Continental US address (winner responsible for shipping, brokerage and customs fees if shipped outside of the Continental US).

Total Retail Value Including Shipping is over $865

How do I enter? Answer one or both of these questions.

  • What would you tell a friend or co-worker to interest them in owning a Free To Air satellite system?

  • What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?

and WSI would like to thank all SatelliteGuys members for your continued support and for your participation in making SatelliteGuys #1!

The Contest Small Print:
This contest is open to any SatelliteGuys member who is in good standing with the exception of WS International or Satellite AV staff and members of their families. Contest ends 11:59 pm, PDT, 2/28/2010. One entry per member.
A random drawing of one winner will be made by a member of WS International or Satellite AV staff on March 1st, 2010. If the winner does not respond to the SatelliteGuys PM notification within 10 days, the prize will be forfeited and the unit will be offered to another contestant by random drawing.
This prize will be shipped via a ground freight company to a continental US residence or business address. In the event the winner wishes to ship the prize package outside of the Continental US, the contest winner will be responsible for all shipping, brokerage and customs fees.
By posting a reply and entering this contest, participants agree to release WS International and Satellite AV, LLC from all claims that may arise out of the possession, installation or useage of this equipment.
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Jan 7, 2007
WOW nice! Thanks guys!

I got interested in FTA because I was tired of paying Directv. Simple as that. I realized we were paying for a LOT of channels we never watched, and just a cursory look at what was available at the time was more than enough to replace it.

And it just took off from there. :up
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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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WOW Amazing contest! Thanks guys for your support of SatelliteGuys!


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Jan 13, 2007
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AWESOME Contest, Guys - thanks!!!

I got interested in FTA when I stumbled upon this great site while looking for information on my DirecTV system. Had no idea what else was available "up in the sky" and just got hooked.....Love my FTA! :up


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Aug 5, 2004
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WOW! Hey ship that my way Ill give it a Great home, (not a good one but a great one!) Count me in! The feeds to be had with this package! :)


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Jul 8, 2004
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What would I tell a friend to interest him or her in free to air satellite tv.

Well I would tell them that there are allot more than the 500 channels they currently have on their cable / satellite / fios / antennae system they have now and more language options to choose from and local broadcast tv stations to watch as well and all of these channels and the programming found therein are absolutely free to watch on their tv. I would tell them to think of the money that they would be able to save by spending just a small amount up front and a weekend of labor putting up their own free to air satellite system, they could save enough money in one year to not only pay for the system but also to take a nice weekend trip with the wife or husband or kids to some place nice or they could upgrade to a 50 inch lcd tv and enjoy their new free to air system even more than they could on their small 27 inch crt set.


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Dec 29, 2003
That's an awesome prize! I got interested in FTA by spending way too much time on SatelliteGuys.US. :)


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Jan 30, 2009
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I got interested in fta through this site. I've had a BUD for a 20+ years, wondered what I was missing.


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May 7, 2007
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I got interested in FTA (and I'll tell a friend too) when I knew it was possible to receive lots of (TV and radio) channels from around the world in my house for free so they knew directly what's going on in the whole world.


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Jan 8, 2005
I got my first C band dish in 1993 after seeing my Gill Cable bill going up year after year with no increase in the number of channels available.

I got my first FTA receiver in 1998, a Pansat 100A. Since then, I've added many more receivers and satellite cards.

I find that my 90 cm Fortec is a little small. The 1.2 M Geosat Pro would look really nice on the pole in my yard.:)


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Dec 16, 2005
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to answer question #2: I had a ten foot dish back in the glory days of satellite tv (lots of free pro and college sports and lots and lots of wild feeds) and would like to someday get back in.


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Apr 19, 2007
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I got interested in my first FTA system when I found that I could use my bell reciever for a few channels on 97W. I then bought a real FTA reciever to get all the other free channels on 97W that the bell reciever couldn't pick up. I used to have a cband dish with analog reciever and used to like watching all the feeds before I got a digital FTA box and ku dish.


Jul 12, 2008
I got a bud when thay frist came out and after a 6 or 7 years we got away from it . I got tired of direct tv when back to over the air tv and fta working on getting the bud to working again.


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Apr 29, 2008
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Contest entry.

  • What would you tell a friend or co-worker to interest them in owning a Free To Air satellite system?
Free TV! But you need some technical skills to set it up, and English language channels are limited and scattered at present. You will need a motorized system or several dishes to make it worthwhile.

  • What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?
In our rural area the OTA TV channels are limited to PBS and CBS.

We had a pizza dish sat TV subscription, but for us, the quality of programming is not worth what they charge. I timed the total commercials on a one hour segment of a popular general interest "basic cable" channel, and out of the 60 minute time slot there were 32 minutes of commercials. That was the last straw. I canceled our subscription.

I had read about the free TV channels and network feeds available via satellite TVRO systems on the Internet, mainly on this site. I ordered the needed parts, and set it up. We got in on the tail end of the good times on G18. After we lost the good channels on G18 I bought several more Ku dishes from eBay and the local Craigslist, and rescued a 10-foot Winegard C-band dish from the scrap heap.

Right now most of the American network TV FTA channels are on C-band, in my opinion. We have plenty of good channels, and there is always something worth watching.

If the FREEDBS effort bears fruit, I will setup at least two FTA systems for family and friends. Maybe more if I win this contest!


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Jan 1, 2010
wow, thanks for making this drawing available.

  • What would you tell a friend or co-worker to interest them in owning a Free To Air satellite system?
I'd tell them that there is a lot of interesting programming which they can receive for nomimal hardware expense and no monthly charges, including lots of sporting events and a wide variety of international programming using a dish not that much larger than Directv.

  • What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?
I had an old primestar dish and wanted to be able to see some sporting events outside what was being shown in my local area. Once I got it working I was hooked.


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Mar 23, 2009
What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?

First off I do not like cable and how they overcharge and extra fees. Maybe if I can pick the channels I watch things would be a tad different. Also what really got me hooked onto FTA is the wild feeds!. Watching a live game from the source its the way it should be. Thanks for the contest!

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
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* What would you tell a friend or co-worker to interest them in owning a Free To Air satellite system?

I set up a few FTA systems for folks for 2 reasons
-they wanted to see one college hockey team play. All their home games are on FTA
-some former co-workers I set up systems for so they could see their homeland channels. They were from the middle east and wanted a little more variety than what Dish/Direct could offer. Set up 3 or 4 systems and they love it. Sure the picture isnt the best (them 97W channels can be crammed on there) but its "home"

* What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?
story has been told numerous times. I wanted to save 7 bucks a month on my Bell ExpressVu system by getting the radio channels (that were ITC at the time) for free. I guess it snowballed from there :)


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Jun 8, 2005
I got interested several years ago in what was "up there" on satellites these days. It had been a few years since I had my C-Band system since I had moved. I googled around and found Satelliteguys and became a member. I setup my system in the Summer of 2005...and what an excellent year to do this being sandwiched in between two major hurricanes that year. I was a blindscanning fool and loving it with all the REAL news from the two hurricanes.


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Dec 10, 2007
Stumbled into the hobby by accident while searching the internet. Three dishes and receivers later and I'm still looking for excuses to install another dish. For FTA to become more mainstream I think the receivers need to have fewer bugs. Everyone I've tried has some functional issues and the manuals tend to be worthless. The challenge of overcoming the different issues is part of the fun as a hobby but tends to discourage most people.
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