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Sep 2, 2007
Between Kalamazoo & GR. MI
Hi all,

I noticed an issue with the Electronic Program Guide on our 722 earlier this evening not being populated. While it struck me as odd, I didn't think a lot about it as tuner2 is in my parents bedroom and they sometimes interrupt the overnight reset if they are awake and watching TV, so sometimes it is skipped.

However, after going to my room tonight, I think there may be an issue with Dish on this one. The 625 in my room has outdated EPG Data as well. I know that the daily update has been done, so new EPG Data should have been downloaded. When I got the message that the data was out of date, I allowed it to download and it would not start downloading (I had it on channel 107 when I noticed it and tried to download the updated guide).

Just wondering if others are seeing a lot of "No Info Available"???

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