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  1. 7-17-2017

    Thank you for satelliteguys.

    Stats: Windows 7 pro 64-bit, ESET Smart Security, UEFI, all the updates,
    Ccleaner, Sandboxie etc., Gmail

    I have been using Satelliteguys for years.
    Two days ago I decided to take off the invasive Chome and Chromium
    from my computer and use IE11 instead.
    This really improved the performance of the computer considerably.

    AS you can see from the 3 screens I have attached that something is
    wrong. Since ESET accepted SatelliteGuys for years, I have no idea why
    this problem cropped up. I am not even sure you will get this message.
    Jack Shankle

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  2. Everything has been working here just fine on two different browsers.

    Also just took a moment to try IE, and it is working fine here on IE.
    First time I have tried it in a very long time BTW, and much different here, than what you report.
    I remembered very quickly why I don't like IE. For one it was very slow.