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    Thanks for satellitesguys, if this is the satelliteguys site.
    I getting certificate errors and a message that only secure content is shown.
    Also getting a security alert window that doesn't stop.
    Been on this site a long time and this problem is only days old.

    I use ESET SS and it is issuing a message about whether to block or not block.
    ESET SS work before the last couple of days.

    Change to my computer. Got rid of Chrome and Chromium - garbage and invasive
    programs. Using Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 7 pro 64-bit. Result is blazing
    fast except for Satelliteguys.
  2. Make sure your date is set correctly.

    Temporarily disable SS and see if that's the source of your problem. I'll bet it does.

    There are literally hundreds of hits on Google about ESET security products blocking websites and how to get around it so I expect you'll find relief by reading any of those links that are hosted by ESET (or any other domains that you trust).
  3. I have tested the site via many browsers this morning, using both a PC and a MAC and come up with no issues. In addition I used a couple of different testing sites and again no issues found.

    Personally for me I like Chrome the best, and would recommend IE in last place.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.26.40 AM.png
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  4. Sorry I posted a similar message twice because I couldn't find this one.
    However the 2nd message shows a lot more detail.
    I will contact ESET Smart Security about this problem and see what they have to say.
  5. I just saw your other post and pictures and that helped greatly, thank you!

    It appears according to your pictures is that one of the ads being served by one of the ad agencies has a mismatch. This is not on our side. I have alerted the ad agency and hopefully they fix it shortly. but Lejit is legit. :) You can if you want trust it, or accept it and you won't be warned anymore.

    Because ads are served based on your browsing history you are probably seeing an ad that most of us do not see, and for whatever reason the ad server that ad is coming off of is causing the issue. And that would explain why no one else is reporting the issue and why the tests are not showing any issues.

    Google and some browser makers have really forced us to go to SSL, with the browsers displaying that our site is not secure when people tried logging in before, it caused a drop in logins because people thought there was something wrong with the site. (still not sure why a site like our needs to be secure, we are not your bank and do not store account information, credit card numbers, etc here..) but we decided to move ahead anyways because we didn't want people thinking we were insecure.

    With that said while some like Google, Firefox and other wanted us to go secure, it seems the internet ad agencies have not all caught on to this SSL thing yet. (In fact last week we were booted from one agency for modifying their ad code from http:// to https:// even thought with https:// they were serving secure ads fine!) so its still a work in progress.

    Of course if you become a supporting Pub Member it wouldn't be an issue (and with the loss of the ad agency last week it would help us out greatly as well.) :)
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  6. Thank you very much for your reply Scott.
    Knowing Lejit is legit helps a lot.
    If I get the window again I will accept it.
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