Issues using Tapatalk for the last week


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For the last week I have been having issues reading some posts with Tapatalk. I took a screen capture showing the problem.


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Using Tapatalk on my IPhone to access SatelliteGuys is getting worse. At least 25% of the topics do not load. I keep getting the following error which I have captured with a screen shot. Any answers on how to fix this? Scott, do you see anything on the server that could be causing this issue?


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I haven't been having any issues on my iPhone or Ipad with it. And there have been no updates to the tapatalk plugin that they provide.

They however have been having server problems that cause it to stop working from time to time which we have no control over. Since we haven't made any changes here. I just did a check of ours

Their forums are full of complaints with others having issues as well. Forum Plugin Issues

Just ran a status check and we are coming out great in the tests. (Attached.)


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Tapatalk keeps getting worse. 30% of the topics won’t display anymore. I can not quote a topic. I deleted the Tapatalk app from my IPhone and reinstalled it. It would not let me log in so I had to request a new password. It then allowed me to log in but the problems still exist. I also had purchased a year subscription to Tapatalk VIP. When I try to restore my subscription by selecting “Click here to Restore” it fails each time with the error Purchase Failed “Can’t connect to Itunes store”. I am also seeing ads again.

I have sent an email to Tapatalk support. Hopefully they can figure out what is going on.

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Remember those ads are not from us, it's from Tapatalk. We do not see any revenue from them. In addition we pay them so when browsing SatelliteGuys you should not see ads while browsing SatelliteGuys with Tapatalk.

I have two options for Tapatalk here, keep it running or remove it. Those are our only choices. They seem to keep making things worse and worse. The only issue is there is no replacement we can move to.
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I stopped using the App years ago. The experience with Safari on iOS and iPadOS is “perfectly” fine, except for whatever evil the XenForo software does to the Keyboard on my iPad which may or may not let me select a word to auto-insert. It isn’t just SatelliteGuys but the other XenForo forums I’m on.
Well folks... It finally happened to me last night... getting Server Error Occured with html.php.

Did the Tapatalk system test and again everything is green and show no problems with our setup.

Checked the Tapatalk files on our server and there is no html.php, I assume this file is on Tapatalks servers.

But just to rule everything out on our end, I am COMPLETELY REMOVING TAPATALK from our server and will then reinstall everything from the latest Tapatalk installer for Xenforo.

Because of this Tapatalk will be unavailable for a bit as I work.

This is my last attempt at getting Tapatalk working correctly if its still broken after this I will probably remove the feature permanantly.

Fingers crossed. :)
Ok Tapatalk was completely removed. Including all files on the server and entries in the database.

It was then reinstalled after the latest plugin was uploaded to the server. The files were downloaded from xenForo - Download and Install | Tapatalk and we used the Xenforo 2 instructions.

I then once again ran a status check on our server. And everything passed as shown below. Let's hope its fixed now.

Well I downloaded the Tapatalk update and I still have problems with some threads. Plus quoting a previous thread does not work.
Tapatalk was able to restore my vip status. The problem was I was logged into their site with the wrong email.

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I'm having issues with the Tapatalk app involving some threads giving a "server error" message and have to read it in the mobile browser version of the site. i think there's still problems with the app and needs to be fixed.

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Once again it's a Tapatalk issue. I see the issue from time to time here and on other forums I visit, such as Mac Rumors.

We don't make the app or plugin.

I suggest posting about the issues at their support forum at Tapatalk Support Group although they don't seem to pay attention to it as I posted a few things which never got a reply from them.
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