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Mar 25, 2004
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Just a few questions.
  • Who is this guy?
  • How can he affect the HD channels they have?
  • How can he affect all of the outlet (smaller markets) and the time frame in which they get them?

If he can just let me know



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Mar 6, 2006
He is the Executive Vice President, Programming from TWC Corporate.

Basically he calls the shots.

this is what we have told so far:

TMC-HD - "is done"
CINEMAX-HD – "is almost done"
ESPN2-HD - "we are working hard to get espn2 on very soon."
MHD (MTV) - "will take many months to conclude."
National Geographic-HD - No Word
STARZ-HD - "End of the year at the earliest"
Food Network-HD - "Scripps has not yet made us a proposal."
HGTV-HD - "Scripps has not yet made us a proposal."
Wealth TV-HD - "are not in the works"
Outdoor Channel 2-HD – "are not in the works"
NFL Network-HD - "the nfl net is not likely to be on soon."
A&E-HD - No Word
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Sep 13, 2005
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how recent are those comments? i ask because he was once quoted as saying espn2hd would be on in early april. then he said, they weren't close. now, its maybe, very soon!


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Mar 6, 2006


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Feb 2, 2005
AndyHDTV said:
The ESPN2 & NFL Network quote was gathered by another source a couple days ago.

All the rest were gathered in early march.

some links to read


Sad to say, but I really believe this is standard procedure for TWC:

1. Respond politely to subscriber e-mails to pacify.
2. Give empty promises about channel additions.
3. Ignore when the same subscriber continues to e-mail.

I, too, am sick of getting the terse replies from Dressler about getting <fill in the blank> channel "soon". Or, "we're working on <fill in the blank>". It's a bunch of crap. They haven't added anything (I don't count Universal HD as a quality HD addition) of value for 2 years. I'm not just talking about HD, either. No ESPN2HD, no ESPNU, no NFL Network (or NFL Network HD), no National Geographic HD, etc, etc.

They may have accomplished their goal ... namely, to pat us on the head by leading us on about channels they don't intend to add. If we finally get fed up and leave for satellite ... oh well- they just chalk that up to doing business. All the while, they raise our rates, count our money, and divert it to their many other monolithic money sucking businesses (AOL, Warner Bros movies, Atlanta Braves, etc, etc).

Can someone tell me truthfully, that you would actually choose Time Warner if you were given a choice among several cable providers? Isn't that the definition of a monopoly?

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