Exclusive Saturday PPV Boxing Match on VOOM

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I just called V* to find out how this is going down. Every subscriber will need to call to get your account authorized. V* does know not on what channel is coming so they either are going to call you back or will let you know if you are lucky to call when they know. So get your account authorize for the fight.

I were you I'll wait until the middle of the week or until somebody knows on what channel is coming. 1-800-GET-VOOM.
I will open a special thread on fight Saturday afternoon so that we can comment on the fight and PQ. This is going to be the first LIVE EVENT that VOOM transmit. It will be exciting!!!!
Free is Great! Now who is Boxing :)

I don't follow the sport much but this sounds like watching.

Anyone know what Network/Channel will have the repeat airing of this? Normally HBO airs all HBO-PPV boxing events the Saturday after, but this time they are not.

I cannot find out where it will air and since I won't be around next weekend, paying for the event is not an option. And no, I do not have Voom.
Don King has a video on VOOM promoting boxing fight this weekend. At the he says all free just call in will pay the price of admission.


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According to Jeffrey Yapp, SVP Marketing Voom, you must call 1-800-GET-VOOM to get the fight on Saturday. Here is exact quote:

"You must call the 800 number to get the fight we will pick up the ppv tab but you must let us know that you want to get it"

Don't wait until the last minute to ge this...It might get congested.
I also got the call from VOOM. I was not home but they left a message in my answering machine stating that the fight will be on channel 281 and I am all set to go. Very nice. :)
So here are the match ups for Saturday Night Boxing Event on Voom:

TITLE TIME:Saturday will be the first time five championship bouts will be broadcast live (HBO Pay-Per-View). There are three other title matches on the card. The broadcast will begin at 8 p.m. with WBO 140-pound champ Zab Judah defending against Jaime Rangel, followed by WBA 154-pound champ Alejandro Garcia vs. Travis Simms; Hasim Rahman and John Ruiz meeting for the WBA interim heavyweight title; Mayorga against Spinks and undisputed middleweight champ Bernard Hopkins defending against William Joppy.
I will open up a thread tomorrow night to monitor this event. If you experience any

(1) problems before the event such as: cannot get sound or picture or any pixelation problems.

(2) Overall quality of the picture.

(3) camera angles. I wonder if they are going to use all HD cameras or is there going to be SD cameras as well.

(4) Sound: is it DD5.1? How is coming from the speaker channels?

please report tomorrow on the thread I will open. The thread will be open at around 7:00pm and will be open for comments or just to say I am getting at this location without problems or I don't get it. This way it will tell VOOM our opinion of the event quality.

Hope you can join us tomorrow night at around 8:00pm when the event starts...
Here's HBO link to the fight tonight! I am surprised that VOOM does not mention the fight in their site. You would think that it would be for them to do this.



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