ExpressVu Delivers New DTV, HD Services


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Apr 18, 2005
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Bell ExpressVu's new All-in-One digital TV service is designed to build digital TV convenience and HD programming acceotance with more viewers across the country.

Programming, hardware and other elements are included in four new packages, in addition to a 'Build Your Own' viewer option from Bell ExpressVu, Canada's direct-to-home satellite television company

"Bell ExpressVu has a rich heritage of market-leading innovation that has grown out of our dedicated efforts to give Canadian customers the ultimate digital TV viewing experience," said Pat Button, Vice President, Marketing, Bell ExpressVu. "Canadians will discover the convenience and value of All-in-One when making their digital TV shopping decisions. Bell ExpressVu delivers the best digital and High Definition TV experience with more than 500 channels to choose from, including the greatest selection of HD programming available in Canada."

Bell ExpressVu introduced an integrated HD receiver to the market back in 2000.
In 2001, Bell ExpressVu unveiled an integrated digital receiver and personal video recorder (PVR). A year later, in 2002, Bell ExpressVu launched its Interactive TV (iTV) service to subscribers, with iTV offerings now including over 40 new games, and an array of education, news and sports features.

In 2003 ExpressVu added 76 new channels to the 100% digital line-up. Last year, Bell launched the 9200 HD PVR, a dual tuner high-definition personal video recorder, which continues to have an impact on the way consumers use and view television.

With more than 1.7 million customers, Bell ExpressVu is described as Canada's largest digital television provider, nationally broadcasting more than 500 digital video and audio channels, including the most High Definition channels in Canada, international programming and unique interactive TV services.


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May 23, 2005
Maybe I'm stupid (and many would agree) but wtf did they add? I have no idea after reading that 3 times what it means to the end user.

It sounds like "New Tide" to me.

Or maybe they had not put out out a press release in a while and needed to put something out so their PR Department wouldnt get lazy.

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Apr 20, 2005
HDTVFanAtic said:
Or maybe they had not put out out a press release in a while and needed to put something out so their PR Department wouldnt get lazy.

From what I gather from Canadian sites, this is a way that Expressvu is using to get some grandfathered HD subs to pay $10 more/month

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