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May 18, 2019
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In all my years doing Dish alignments I have never had a lnb failure. I was sent a reman 1000.2 wa from an ebay seller and initially it was working. I was using a Super Buddy to peak the antenna cycling through the 3 satellites. The Super Buddy turns off the lnb power when returning to lnb1 and when I activated lnb 1 sat 119 the power supply faulted on the Super Buddy. I checked with a another antenna lnb and all was working fine. I notified the seller who sent me a replacement which works. My question is what goes wrong with these? I want to open it up and see what failed anyone ever do this? The seller does not want it back so I have nothing to lose.

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Dec 28, 2013
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Considering that besides the three Low Noise Block converters inside, there's also an active switch that selects the desired LNB as directed by the receiver(s), that's a fair amount of electronics packed in along with the supporting circuit board. Each LNB also has a very critically aligned antenna, so a good shock to the housing could easily cause damage. Another failure point is the plastic covers on each LNB that can crack or otherwise get damaged allowing rain or condensation to enter causing damage. All in all, it's pretty amazing how well they hold up overall, with failures being pretty rare. I tested a Dish EA DPP LNB recently that was dropped off a roof during a DPH swap onto a wooden deck, and other than some scrapes on the housing, it still worked perfectly. I've also had LNB's simply fail for no obvious reason. It happens...

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