Family Guy: The Movie?

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If this happens it'll be great for Family Guy fans. One last episode, I guess...
With tremendous sales of the first DVD volume of FAMILY GUY (the second set goes on sale starting next week) and ratings on Cartoon Network climbing high, McFarlane's now-cancelled series is proving to be more popular in its afterlife than it was when it was in active production on Fox. Expect all the TV series cast members to reprise their roles for the movie.

I never understoo why Fox cancelled the show. This show was funny and very interested. Now, you can watch it on Cartoon networks or rent/buy the DVDs. In the collection of DVDs, there were a few episodes that Fox though were not prudent for their audience even though we are talking about a DVD and not the Air.

Will love to see the movie...
"Family Guy: The Movie"?

I think FOX cancelled the show due to viewr complaints about the show's content. It's a known fact that there's one episode which FOX refused to air ("Once Upon A Weinstein"). The new Season 3 DVD, which just came out this past Tuesday, includes that episode. Cartoon Network has plans to air that episode, but not until November. I don't know if TBS Superstation would air the episode on a weekday afternoon?

What hooked me to the show initally is the fact that the show is set in southern New England (Rhode Island) and references to this area are made every so often (such as the "Stop & Shop" supermarket, NECCO wafers and the football fans at each other's throats about the Jets and Patriots).

Now how do we get Seth McFarlane (Peter, Stewie and Brian), Alex Borstein (Lois), Seth Green (Chris) and Mila Kunis (Meg) all back together again?
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