Family Room Hopper3 did a Partial Reset by itself


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Jul 29, 2005
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Tonight I turned on my Family Room Hopper3 and found it had done a partial reset. I lost my 3 lists of Favorite Channels, I had to rescan my OTA channels, and I had to sign back into Netflix and Amazon Prime. Most of my timers were still there but the ESPN 140 timer and the 540-03 timers for CFB National Championship both failed to record. So I missed the first quarter.
Fortunately ESPN is showing the game at multiple show times so I am going to record the game from 4-7 AM tomorrow on both of my Hopper3 receivers just to be safe.

Wow, still more problems. When the halftime started I tried channel 540-03 and my Family Room Hopper3 went blank. Ok had to do a manual reboot to get the picture back. At the beginning of the second half I was watching channel 140 in 1080i. I hit recall to go to channel 540-03. Once again I lost the picture. Again I had to do a manual reboot using the red button to regain control of my Family Room hopper3. I am not going to keep switching between channels 140 and 540-03 since that appears to cause problems for my Hopper3. Prior to this both of my Hopper3 receivers have been very stable.

I do like that 540-03 showed the halftime show while 140 had commercials.

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I recorded the 4-6 AM replay of the CFP National Championship game on ESPN channel 140. They inserted some many commercials that you miss several minutes of play action after each set of commercials.

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