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Oct 23, 2006
Sha Ka Ree.
October 18th.

1991 Tyler Posey-Actor
1989 Joy Lauren-Actress (''Desperate Housewives'')
1981 Jesse Littleton -Country musician (Marshall Dyllon)
1980 Josh Gracin-Singer (''American Idol'')
1978 Wesley Jonathan -Actor
1973 Nonchalant-R&B singer
1966 Tim Cross-Rock musician (Sponge)

1961 Erin Moran-Actress (''Happy Days'')(Only one I ever heard of.)
1956 Jim Talent-U.S. senator, R--Mo.
1953 Vickie Winans-Gospel singer
1931 Catharina I `Ien` Dales -min of Internal affairs (1989--94)
1926 Thomas Millar-historian
1918 James Cameron Tudor-politician
1910 Vojislav Vuckovic-composer,
1907 Alexander Hardie Williamson-artist
1906 James Brooks-US mural painter (Flight, La Guardia NY),
1903 Ambrose Thibodeaux-cajun accordionist
1903 Emile Enthoven-composer,
1901 Vladimir Grigor'yevich Zakharov-composer
1898 Raymond Glenn-actor (Raisin in the Sun, Carmen Jones),
1898 Lotte Lenya-Austrian singer and actress
1895 Raymond Brulez-Flemish author (Schoone slaapster)
1894 H. L. Davis-US writer (Honey in the Horn Pulitzer prize)
1894 Tibor D‚ry-writer
1893 Roy Del Ruth-director (About Face Folies Bergere)
1893 Sir Sidney Holland-PM of New Zealand (1949--57),
1891 Vaclav Kalik-composer
1889 Fannie Hurst-US author (Anatomy of Me)
1882 Lucien PetitBreton-Argentine
1879 Grzlegorz Fitelberg-composer
1875 James E K Aggrey-Ghana US theologian & educationalist
1875 Len Braund-cricketer (23 Tests for England 987 runs 47 wickets)
1872 Josephine CMA-princess of Belgium & nun
1871 Louis de Vries-Dutch actor (Merchant of Venice),
1859 Henri Bergson-French philosopher , Nobel laureate--French philosopher
1850 Francis Thome-composer
1844 Emille-Louis-Victor Mathieu-composer
1837 Friedrich W Mengelberg-German sculptor & painter
1833 Johannes Habert-composer
1818 Jos‚ da Silva Mendes Leal-Portuguese author (Indiana)
1806 John Breckinridge Grayson-Brig Genl (Confederate Army) died in 1861
1804 Rama IV [Phra Chomklao Chaoyuhua]-king of Thailand (1851--68)
1799 Christian Friedrich Schonbein-German chemist
1794 Ferdinand Lukas Schubert-composer
1789 Giovanni Tadolini-composer
1787 Robert L. Stevens-American poet
1668 Johan Georg IV-elector of Saxony (1691--94)
1663 Frans Eugenius-duke & prince of Savoye & land guardian of Austria--Neth
1638 Lars Johnstown [Lasse Lucidor]-Swedish poet
1239 Stefanus V-prince of Transylvania & king of Hungary (1270--72) dies


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Sep 17, 2005
Plano, Texas, United States
April 8 (Just a few):D

Patricia :luvlove:

Robin :luvlove:




Gary Carter :up

Steve from YES



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Oct 17, 2005
N. Indiana
Feb 1:

Lisa Marie Presley
Pauly Shore
Rick James
Sherman Hemsley
Don Everly
Garrett Morris
Boris Yeltson
Clark Gable


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Dec 6, 2005
Salt Lake City, UT
I was born on the 10th of November...

So it is that the United States Marine Corps was born that day back in 1775 (in a bar, Tun Tavern no less...)

Who is more famous than those Marines that have served this great country?

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