Fantastic Dish Network Customer Service Story


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Mar 29, 2006
It's often pointed out that there are more complaints posted against a provider than compliments. So to help address that I thought I'd share a recent experience:

This past Saturday for no good reason both my receivers (622 and 211) totally lost reception to the 129 sat. (I'm in the Kansas City market so that is most of my HD). The weather was fine and nothing had happened to the dish. I tried a reboot and then did a check switch and, sure enough, no 129. 110 and 119 were fine.

Next I checked SatellieGuys to see if any other users were reporting 129 issues. I didn't see anything. My dish is 3 years old and we get some windy days here in KC so I guessed my dish had gotten out of alignment. I called Dish Network - prepared for an ordeal. I was quite wrong.

The Tier 1 tech asked me a few brief questions and quickly determined this required escalation to Tier 2. I was transferred and didn't even need to wait on hold. The Tier 2 tech had all the notes the Tier 1 tech made so I didn't tell my tale of woe twice ( a problem I had repeatedly with AT&T recently). Tier 2 was very friendly and, more importantly, not condescending in any way. Another common problem wit tech support is the assumption the user is an idiot.(I manage an IT dept. so I can personally vouch for that). After checking a few quick things he agreed the dish needed adjustment. He apologized that the earliest he could get a tech out would be Monday - not surprising. I happened to be off Monday so I took the earliest appointment block of 8am-12pm.

Oddly enough 129 came back mid-day Sunday. I decided to keep the appointment figuring at the least the dish would get peaked by the visit.

I got my confirmation email quickly. On Sunday night I got a call from the local tech confirming the appointment. He even told me I was his first stop so he'd arrive close to 8am. The next morning at 8:15 I saw the truck roll up. Then the tech called the house. He was very friendly and said he wanted to make sure everyone was up and about even though this was the appointment time. (I though that was quite considerate). He quickly got to work. I explained the situation and showed him the dish - a 3yr old Dish 1000. He took a look and said "Well first let me get you a new dish. This one's obsolete so I'll get the you the latest". He took about 30 minutes to install a 1000.2 dish. He came in the house did a check switch on both receivers to make sure they saw the new equipment. Then he asked if I needed anything else, thanked me for my business and left.

From start to finish it was a friendly, smooth and well executed support experience. These are the type of interactions that keep customers loyal in my opinion.


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Jul 5, 2006

Yes, Dish network has changed.
Last year I want to upgrade my DVR, They want $125. I told them no and would cancle my sub, They said I will transfer you.

I call them last week, ready to cancle, They said I was a good customer, and past me to a person whom did the upgrade for free, and it was done the next day.

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