Favorite burger places?


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Nov 30, 2011
Kansas City / Las Vegas
Mine, in order of favorite-

1. In N Out

2. Hereford House (a Kansas City chain)

3. Red Robin

4. 54th Street (Kansas City, St Louis, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft. Worth)

What are yours?
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BurgerBarr, Sewell, NJ (Hands down the best, choice of 3 different beefs, Premium Chuck, Blend (chuck & brisket), Kobe Wagyu)
Choices of 6 different buns, 9 different cheeses, 9 different sauces, 8 different toppings, mix & match.
Choice of 8 different sides from fries to cheese curds. Oh darn, I just drooled on my shirt! ;)

Wayback Burgers (Above average)

Chris' Family Diner (Great Black Angus burger at a family diner, Allentown Pa)
My backyard after a trip to my butcher. ;) The key is fat. You don't want too lean of a grind. Fat is flavor. Forget the diet if you want a good jucy flavorful burger. My butcher has a burger grind that has a perfect ratio of meat to fat. I also prefer a Charcoal fire. It's a little more work but it's worth it.

We have a couple of places to goto when I'm out and about or don't feel like cooking.

5 Star burgers. They use Harris ranch products which like.

Steel Bender. A local microbrewery that makes killer burgers.

Holy Cow - local owned drive in.

Rex's - Another locally owned business that's been around for a long time. They have the best onion rings around too.

Billy's Long Bar - Everything on the menu is good but their burgers are awesome. Great onion rings here too. The fact that they have 90+ beers on tap is bonus.

The Owl Cafe - A local institution.

In case you didn't notice I don't like chain restaurants and prefer locally owned and operated establishments.
The Owl Cafe - A local institution./QUOTE]San Antonio?
Queens Store - Mountain man burger (which has been renamed but still good)
What-a-burger in NM - Hatch Green chile cheeseburger, TX - Jalepeno cheeseburger...
Sno-to-go south here has good burgers.
(never got the attraction to Blake's, don't like their food)
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No, the Albuquerque location. San Antonio, NM was first location though.

I used to like Blake's. But they have changed. Not for the better either.
The original Tommy's in LA. Ate at the OC location a lot, also. Burger's and Brew in downtown Sac. is great, but with lockdowns, hard to go out for a good burger. Otherwise In and Out is close.

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Forgot to mention Hodad's in San Diego (Ocean Beach). The only burger I ever wilfully waited 2 & 1/2 hours for but it was worth it.
Basically a heart attack and high cholesterol in a bag, but damn....

Hole in the wall on a back alley in my town.


In no particular order:

Hodads.......Ocean Beach S.D.
Slater's 50-50.......Liberty Station S.D.
Fatburger......multiple locations in CA.
In and Out Double/Single
The Famous Star @ Carl's Junior

Enjoyed Whattaburger last year when I was in Texas. Wish they were located in CA.
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Ravioli anyone?

What are your favorite pizza places?

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