Favorite "Space" Sci-Fi series or movie on this "Eclipse Day"

Discussion in 'WION' started by radio, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Since this is going to be such an historic day for lovers of astronomy and "space" in general, how about an opinion question!

    If you watched science fiction TV growing up, (or as an adult)..what was your favorite space-reated TV show or movie/movie series?

    There's so many from which to choose! Tell us what was your favorite, (not limited to the pictures you see!) Vote here with your thoughts, or by calling the morning show, 616-527-WION or 844-700-WION! (and of course, here on Satelliteguys/WION Forum, just "reply!"

    gallactica.jpg star wars.jpg star trek.jpg lost in space.jpg
  2. Favorite TV show growing up was Buck Rogers.

    Favorite Space Movie Star Trek the Wrath of Kahn. :D (Although the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are fun too!)
  3. I loved The Time Tunnel!
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  4. Spaceballs and Close Encounters
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  5. I was a little too young to watch Star Trek and Lost in Space when they were originally aired but I watched all of their episodes as reruns. I was a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5. Later on, I loved Firefly.
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