Your Favorite Toy from Christmases past?

Discussion in 'WION' started by radio, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Halfway through the work week! Don't forget our on-air Christmas party is Friday from 6AM-10AM...with interviews, guests, Christmas music and more! In that "spirit"...we'd like you to be thinking of a couple things...and please post here, and feel free to call us on Friday, too with your answers:

    1) Did your family or DOES your family have a unique and fun Christmas tradition you do each year?

    2) What was your favorite toy as a kid that you got for Christmas? Mine was a "laughing robot" ..which is why...probably ...."Cozmo" is so much fun for me today.

    It's fun to think back on these things, we hope you'll chime-in between now and Friday so we can share your thoughts...

    laughing robot 1.jpg cozmo.jpg
  2. Great idea radio, and just in time for the holidays. Mine was Hasbro's Think-A-Tron (1960).
  3. Mine was Astro Ideal...also 1960...

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  4. That's darn cool!
    Thanks for weighing-in and Merry Christmas!
  5. Yep...I really wanted that thing...and "Santa" came through! I think it sold for $25 back in the day. I was very careful with my toys, kept them clean and in the box. I have no idea what happened to it...I think it was lost in one of many "Mom purges".

    I found one on eBay a few years back, IIRC is was going for around $150...too much for me. Maybe someday. (I can see me entertaining my co-inmates with it in a nursing home someday...!)

    Merry Christmas to you as well...
  6. Mine isn't anything crazy but it was by far my favorite present as a kid. The Super Nintendo system was the greatest gift for me. Some of my all time favorite games were on that system and I still play it occasionally as an adult with kids.
  7. In the early 70s, Mattel released an electronic handheld football game. I still have it and haul it out. Really fun lplayability for something so basic. I guess you can still buy them new.
  8. Thanks was a cool one. Once you learn the patterns, you can really fly through it.
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