Finally, DISH told me how to fix everything on my 721!


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Got the error where a recorded event shows as "Unknown Recording" on Channel 77, or something similar. Now the show won't play, black screen, time left 0, even though it shows 63 minutes in the PVR listing menu.

Called advanced tech, of course never heard of it. Did admit to hearing about many problems with 1.15, many calls.

Told to reboot, etc. When I told her I had rebooted multiple times, she gave me the secret solution to fix it. Don't tell anyone else! Here it is:

"Turn off you machine tonight sir. Maybe it will work tomorrow."

Gads... now I know where all the rocket scientists that I used to find at Rat Shack have gone - DishNetwork Advanced Tech!!!

Dish is going to be mad :x now that their secret is now out! Shame on you!!
She forgot the most important thing!

When will they learn, you have to reach behind all the stuff in the entertainment stand and that big huge RPTV, and "Unplug It" :)
Power Strips people.....

Turn Switch off, turn switch on.

99% of problems solved with this highly complicated maneuver.
Would that be best when the drives going 7200 rpm's, or should I wait till it hits 10,000 rpms and through that rocker :)
Thats why I am afraid to just unplug mine because of the hard drive spinning. I dont want to do wear and tear on it doing that.
Ya, being the PVR's are more like a computer, one would think they would design it so you could shut it down in a "proper" manor.

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