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Mar 21, 2009
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Sunday the Superbowl was gorgeous. During the Halftime Show there was no artifacts, noise, nothing with all that was going on, but a great picture. Several times I switched to live TV, DISH OTA and the PQ was comparable. Where I have seen major discrepancies in the past and last night. Guess that uncompressed feed via Level3 from Miami to CBS in New York did the trick. Or . . . So now we know that we can have excellent HD Network PQ on DISH. And I have always known it takes two to tangle. But then tonight Letterman was horrible. On the same set, same DISH channel that I watched the SB on, I tuned into Letterman last night to see what was said about his earlier prediction of the Colts 70-2. After the monologue Letterman was sitting at his desk and the background was pixely, jumped and dimmed every so often and being that it was a big picture, I almost puked. I went back to my recording of the SB and it's still gorgeous. I know that DISH may not have had much or anything to do with this, but the Superbowl was the quality of picture I use to see on the free HD (5710) Test channel that my neighbor had when she first got HD two years ago. We could see the pores on the guy making a free throw. The Letterman PQ was just bad, more so than normal. Or did CBS (?) just put added compression to make for what wasn't used on the SB?

So what I am getting to, is that with all the complaining I have done here and others that I have seen, including a response to a post I made the other day, when the networks send DISH a good signal it sure comes up real pretty. Was it all CBS or . . . ? Any way it is done, I now know it's official and can be done.


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Dec 7, 2004
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A lot depends on your local CBS channel. Here in Dallas-Fort Worth the CBS channel does not have any subchannels, and uses all of the bandwidth for HD. The picture quality is always good, both OTA and the Dish channel. Perhaps your local channel allocated more bandwidth for the Superbowl than they do for their normal programs.

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