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Addicted to Legal FTA
Jan 28, 2010
London Ontario Canada
Hey. I sent an access request for the FTA/MPEG2 Whats up there? Forum recently. (April 8 2010) now that i have my FTA dish up there i'd lik to see what wild feeds are avalable. i have attached a screenshot of what i see when i go to ask for access. when i go into the forum it says there have been no new posts in the past year. i found that hard to believe so i'm guesing i haven't been given access yet. did you guys receive my access request? i sent a pm politely asking if it was receivd but haven't received a reply yet. i did a search to see if there as a sticky on rules for granting access but couldn't find any so i'm not sure what your conditions are for access. my access request would have come from my id beavs2112. (which of course is different from my e-mail address)
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Scott Greczkowski

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Staff member
Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
Iceberg is the one who controls that forum, and not everyone who requests access to that forum gets access. Access is normally granted by the amount of participation a user has. Iceberg works hard to keep the private feeds private. :)
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