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SatelliteGuys Pro
Mar 19, 2008
I have been very inactive since the upgrade at SatelliteGuys, my favorite site, because of this problem. It's somewhat related to a previous post here I made about forum notifications not working since the upgrade - however it is a distinctly separate problem.

In that previous post, I indicated that Forum Notification emails were not working. Indeed they stopped working, coincident with the vBulletin upgrade, but I eventually figured out that unsubscribing then resubscribing sort of fixed the issue.

The problem remains that instant forum notifications is no longer an option. I can't believe I am the only one that was using this feature, but just in case, this will be my last plea for help on the matter.

I would like to evidence the transient nature of posts like this:
A once-daily email of forum activity covering posts like this serves no purpose. The feed has long since disappeared by 9pm. Instant notification is a necessity.

Please be sure I am not talking about thread notification, a distinction that I am not sure was fully appreciated in the past. Instant thread notification continues to work like it always has. What I am seeking is instant notification of new threads in a given forum. For now, it appears that a once-daily summary is the only option available, contrary to how it has been in the past.
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