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You nailed it...just a educated statistical guess
Speak for yourself. I'll take a shot at it.

He means that, even subtracting the owned and unconnected receivers from the total, Dish can still extrapolate the data collected through the internet (or phone line) connection, or the Smart Card data, from the connected and/or leased receivers, to "guess" what programming was most likely watched on the remaining receivers. For example, if a certain percentage of receivers from which Dish has data watched The Bachelor, then Dish assumes that the same percentage of non-connected receivers also watched that show. This is how Dish arrives at the total viewership numbers that they use in negotiations, usually to make a statement that "your channel is not worth as much to our subscribers as you think it is."
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Apr 20, 2014
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In that case, the first person would just tell the subscriber to wait a week (putting them well past your proposed three-day window) and then call back if the issue is not resolved by then. I have been given the run-around by CSR's the exact same way with the old system, so your new system would not change anything.
Statistically, with QA, it will correct that action really fast. They actually do listen to those QA’s pretty dang closely. My wife’s company does QA’s and then also monitors, and catch people left and right. Life of call center employees.

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