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Please note that I do not have the support of the moderators in enforcing any No Discussion rule. So, you are entirely on an honor system about respecting the wishes of those who would like this to be an uncluttered thread for the purpose of listing Free Previews only. If anyone spots a free preview before I do, you may post the name of the channel, the channel number(s) and dates (if any are announced) in this thread. Otherwise, please post any other comments in the accompanying Discussion thread, which I will link below. Thank you for your cooperation in this effort.

With the preamble out of the way, I will be dividing the list of free channels into several categories, to try to make the list as comprehensive as possible.

Channels in free preview indefinitely:

These are preview channels where no end date has been announced, or that remain in preview after the previously-announced end date.​

International free preview channels:​
  • These channels require a dish aimed at the 118 satellite.
  • Channel numbers listed are for ViP and legacy SD receivers. On receivers with the Hopper interface, check for a collapsible channel in the 600's - 700's range.

9893 TVPI​

Free Previews officially announced on Dish's website:

124 BET 3/1 - 3/31​
109 Lifetime Movie Network 3/1 - 3/31​
112 HGTV 3/1 - 3/31​
NBA League Pass: channels 5000 - 5061* (collapsible channel 470 on Hopper interface) 3/11 - 3/13​

NHL Center Ice: channels 5330 - 5395* (collapsible channel 475 on Hopper interface) 3/10 - 3/16​

*Note: mydish lists NBA League Pass channels through 5061, even though last month's preview only went up to channel 5031. It is unknown at this time whether the standard-def feeds for NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice will be returning for these free previews, or if the current listing on mydish is simply using outdated information.​

Channels that are always free on deactivated receivers:

To get these channels on a deactivated receiver, it may require that it still have the older-model purple G3 Smart Card. This also may only work on certain models of receiver.​
Otherwise, these channels are available on every activated receiver, regardless of programming package.​

Audio music channels:​

892 Viva Mariachi​
927 City Lights​
939 Mo' Soul​
941 Viva Mariachi​
951 Country Gold​
967 Jazz Traditions​
972 Intermezzo​
974 Swing Kings​
6014* SiriusXM Coffee House​
6049* SiriusXM Soul Town​
6058* SiriusXM Prime Country​
6063* SiriusXM The Message​
6076* SiriusXM Symphony Hall​

*channel numbers for ViP or legacy SD receivers. Hopper-interface receivers: replace the 60 with 099- to get the SiriusXM channel on collapsible channel 99.​

General Entertainment:​

82 FETV​
259 INSP​


257 SBN​


71 QVC​
72 VALU​
73 QVC3​
74 HSN​
81 ICTV​
83 JTV​
85 EPIC​
86 MALL​
95 DEAL​
104 VALU​
123 MALL​
134 SHPHQ​
137 QVC​
220 MALL​
221 CRAFT​
224 EPIC​
225 SALE​
226 HSN2​
227 JTV​
228 YOUTV​
229 GEMS​
230 ICTV​
255 QVC2​
275 YOUTV​
276 SMART​
278 DEAL​
282 VALU​
287 HSN​
883 VALU​

Dish Info Channels:​

101 DISH 101​
102 DISH Studio​
103 PREVW​
349 DISH Studio​
500 ONPPV​

That is all! Congratulations, you have made it all the way to the end of the current list of free channels on Dish! I will do my best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, and to post a new updated thread each month. If anyone spots a new free preview before I do, feel free to post it here. Otherwise, please respect the No Discussion nature of this thread. Any discussion about the current month's free previews may be posted in the following thread: Free Previews Discussion Thread - March 2021
Thank you!
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