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  1. So HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime are currently in free preview through Monday.

    Can you guys check something for me? Channel 314, 5-Star Max is the only one not lit up for me (HD or SD). Is that channel up for you guys that currently aren't subscribed to Cinemax? Because it's green on my TV Guide and not available to me.
  3. I don't have 314 either.
  4. Same here no 314.
    I just dropped my Cinemax subscription today anyway.
  5. Same here no 314.
  6. Looks like it is these channels....
    HBO-E (300 HD) HBO East
    HBO2E (301 HD) HBO 2 East
    HBOSG (302 HD) HBO Signature
    HBO-W (303 HD) HBO West
    HBOFM (305 HD) HBO Family
    HBOCY (307 HD) HBO Comedy
    HBOZ (308 HD) HBO Zone
    HBOLT (309 HD) HBO Latino
    MAX-E (310 HD) Cinemax East
    MAX-W (311 HD) Cinemax West
    ACMAX (313 HD) Action Max
    SHO-E (318 HD) Showtime East
    SHO-W (319 HD) Showtime West
    SHOTO (320 HD) Showtime Too
    SHOCS (321 HD) Showtime Showcase
    TMC-E (327 HD) The Movie Channel East
  7. Why don't we get Flix in the group now?
  8. Looks like he only did HD. I've also got 322, 323, 328, and 333 in SD.
  9. Anyone know how to force a Hopper 3 to download the guide data for the free preview channels? I can see all the channels, and what's on for the next couple of hours, but beyond that its all "No information available". Tried a soft reset with no luck.
  10. Give it a few hours and it should populate. If that doesn't work, unplug the Hopper for a minute and plug it back in.
  11. Run a switch test, if that's possible with a Hopper. That worked with my VIP722k
  12. Just turn it off. After a few minutes the standby screen will change and notify you that a guide download is in progress. Wait for it to finish and a few minutes after that you should see the guide populated.

    You're a DNS trainer and you don't know this?
  13. The Hopper was off (standby) all last night, and still "No information available" this morning. I have unplugged it and re-plugged. Waiting to see how it goes.

    And, . . . I was a DNS Trainer when I first registered for this forum. I was "downsized" back in 2011 when they revamped the training system. Haven't been privy to training info since before the Hoppers first came out. I still try to keep up, but just don't have the access I used to.
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  14. All the connected Joeys have to be turned off too and no recordings scheduled for at least a half hour from when you turn it off.

    Sorry you got the ax from Dish. You might see if you can change your satguys name in your preferences if you want to in order to avoid further confusion. :) I know you can if you're a Pub member. Good Luck.
  15. Pickins are Slim.
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  16. The Dish website says they're doing Premium free previews "all month long;" does anybody know which will be in preview next weekend?
  17. Here, you can check for them anytime you'd like:

    Starz is the big one at the end of this week.
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  18. Starz was already live at 3PM today in the web browser Dish Anywhere Guide. I set a recording using Dish Anywhere and it began recording on the Hopper 3 even though none of the Starz channels were in the Hopper’s Guide.
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  19. Only movie I felt worth recording is The Shallows, which we rented from Redbox LAST WEEKEND!. Well, now I will have it in my Archives. GOOD movie!
  20. Just some commentary about Starz.

    I noticed in some of the movies I recorded, Starz actually cuts off part of the end credits to advertise their other shows/movies. Shame, Starz! Shame! I occasionally like to listen to the sound tracks at the end of movies.

    I don't remember the other premium movie channel packages doing that. Or at least I'm pretty sure HBO/Cinemax doesn't do that.

    Just a little rant there.
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  21. Sure seems like the repeats are becoming more frequent. *Not singling out the free preview, just in general ove the past year.