Free tripod or $75 tripod


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Jul 6, 2006
Im getting dish installed in my new apartment, and i already had one tech come out and say that i cannot get it where I wanted it installed. I asked about a tripod and he said it was $75. So i went and installed a 14 foot pole and the tech said that its too thick for the he said that I can get a tripod for it for free thru dish. I told him that i asked the last tech who came out and he told me it was $75. he said it should be free if you ever need it. He said it *might* work to get me service. But I have to drill holes in the building so they can run the cabling, since outside contractors cannot. So question number it really gonna be free? (have any of you gotten it for free or have you had to pay?) also should i just say f-it and get cable since today was the third time they came out and still couldnt get me service? i dont wanna drill holes for a *might*
It all comes down to who's doing your install. If it's a DNS tech or one from an RSP, they will usually do what they can to make the install happen. Whether it be a cemented pole-mount...or in your case, a tripod.

I know a lot of retailers can and DO charge extra for such things. I would venture to guess your 1st installer was a local retailer...and the 2nd was DNS/RSP.

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