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May 15, 2006
Savannah, GA
Here's my setup:

Two recievers. One is the 8xx HD receiver and the other is an old 4900. My Dish is a 1000 so I can get Voom. The HD is connected to a Sanyo projector via DVI. Sometimes, when I switch inputs on the projector from DVI to video compostie the dish will freeze the picture, the sound plays for about 5 seconds and then I get a reboot of the dish. I have duplicated it many times so I know this is causing it. Why would it do this? Very weird problem...

I have issues getting 110 on the 4900 also. It says check the connection but the HD box gets 110 fine but I think I have signal issues on 129. I have only had voom for about 6 months and I THINK the new tree growth is blocking Rave, HDNews, and a couple others. I guess the signal is more temperamental than the other channels. Still doesn't fix my input switching problem.

So, I have called Dish and I got the new 622 coming and I'm going to trash the 4900 so I'm not TOO worried about it for the next two weeks till they come out. I can get the install guy to check my signals too since I dont' want to have to go back up there on the roof.

Dish is a PITA to say the least... I swear if cable had the same channels and quality....well, I think we all know the rest.

And what's the deal with Dish not wanting me to have TWO HD tvs? They will not sell you two unless you buy them outright.. it's so hard dealing with these people.

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