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Dec 6, 2004
Hey everybody just curious what your take on frontier communications is. They have service where I live, but other then knowing their speeds their data caps is kinda vague. Any help would be awesome


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Jul 17, 2009
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Unless they've changed, they don't have data caps.

That said, around here there plans are reasonable and good. Unfortunately if you have a problem that needs a truck roll you might be waiting a fair bit. The last problem I had with them needed a truck roll and they scheduled it for a week and a half later.

Of course I then scheduled for cable modem for the next day and cancelled them out.

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Dec 5, 2014
Less than a mile from me is the beginning of Frontier territory (Verizon is my ILEC, but I don't use any of their services) for one of their home markets, Rochester. I’ve known many people who have used their services, but can’t think of anyone who still does. Their poor (and very expensive) phone service caused many people I know to go cell phone only before that was even a thing back in the early 2000s when Frontier was called Citizen’s Communications. Due to the county boundaries being the determining factor for long distance, if you lived on the county border, the person next door/across the street/around the corner from you would be considered long distance and you’d be charged some insane rate. And if repair was needed it would sometimes take over a week to get someone out.

Many people I know went with Frontier DSL because of negative past experiences with TWC on the TV side of things or the fact they were extremely rural and Frontier offered DSL at their address but TWC didn’t have cable run down their street, or in the case of my former boss, his dirt road. The only good Frontier did was when they increased their rated max DSL speed from 3Mb to 6Mb. Within less than month later TWC increased their standard speeds here (and only here) from 5Mb to 7Mb, just so Frontier couldn’t say they had the fastest internet in the region. (This was when Time Warner was much more regionalized in services and prices). After that Frontier was dead. Between their attempt at a 5GB/month cap, ever increasing speeds by Time Warner, those that had Frontier DSL that would get cable got it, and over time those that couldn’t get cable went with mobile hotspots from Verizon Wireless. When over at other people’s houses who had Frontier to do some work on their computers, I would never even come close to getting the internet speed that they were paying for. My former boss was paying for 3Mb, and couldn’t even hit 1. A friend of mine had 6Mb, and would test out at 4 on a good day. A guy I work with now, switched to TWC a few years ago after it taking him upwards of 12 hours to download the Windows 8.1 update for his WIN8.0 PC. I can’t remember now, but I think that was only a 3 or 4 GB download.

DSL is a dead technology in the United States. Unless you are in one of Verizon's unwanted territories that they sold to Frontier where they offer Fios, there is no way in hell I would ever deal with a telco and their outdated twisted pair. Frontier and the predecessors owned the communications in the Rochester market, now they are an afterthought. It’s Time Warner that offers up to 10 Gbps business class fiber, soon 300+ Mbps copper to residences, they are the ones that provide the backhaul to the majority of the cell towers the region. Other than a building downtown that serves as headquarters for something, and naming rights to the stadium where the local AAA baseball team plays, Frontier Communications has no major presence in what was once considered it’s top markets.

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