AT&T U-Verse Success Story


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May 23, 2013
Meadow Vista, Northern California
Ok, I have had enough difficult experiences with AT&T over the past 15+ years to write a book. Today something incredible happened!

I was online with pre market trading at 4:30 this morning when suddenly no U-Verse internet connection. The modem Internet connection LED was not lit, so I power cycled. Still no connection so power cycled a second time. When the modem powered-up, it started an endless loop of attempting to connect, powering down and restarting. Power cycled and it continued to loop.

Called tech support and got a rep within a minute. After reviewing my testing results he remotely checked the line then suggested a service call. Oh, no!

To my surprise he asked if an adult could be present between 8-12..... Today! Approximately 3 hours later a technician arrived and a half hour later he was finished and a new modem was installed at no charge!

Now that is impressive! I am a happy customer!!!

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