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Dec 22, 2003
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Last week a Dish rep told me to call Dish "early on the 22nd" to try and order a 921, as he had "received a bulletin that they could be ordered directly as of the 22nd."

I figured, what the heck, no information has been accurate so far, but what do I have to lose?

I called at 12:30am on the 22nd (today). The rep I spoke with insisted that no information ever was distributed with such a date (which I believe) and that he and the other customer service reps had no information. "In fact," he said, "the 921 receiver hasn't even been priced yet, and isn't even on the web site."

So I pointed him to the web site's 921 section. He was a bit embarrassed, said he wanted to speak with his manager as he didn't think his manager even knew this was being shipped.

I suspect that sometime today (22nd) some note will get pushed around saying you can't buy them from Dish for a while, you have to go direct to retailers.

Should have heard the silence on the line when he saw that web site...


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