Future HD Channels, which Satellite?

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Mar 26, 2004
I have DirecTV right now with a elliptical 3 LNB dish pointed at the 101 Satellite. Unfortunately, I can't catch the other sats from that dish because of trees.

Recently, I went ahead and ordered the $99 HD package (actually paid $149 for it) and told them I need another dish. I found a spot on my property where I can pick up 119, which carries HBO HD, which is really all I was concerned about.

My question is, where will future HD channels go? I see that 7S will take some of the burden off of the 101 sat. What are the future plans for 110? Should I begin working on the wife to convince her that three dishes sticking out of the house isn't too much?
I cant tell you for sure but I got the HD pack from Direct and I had 70 foot trees in the way and the installer would not move it to the highest part of my house so i did it myself and had the wife on the other end telling me how strong the singal was I got sat B to 71% as long as you can get it to 70 or better you wont have a problem with the other 2 . I also got Voom and they have a lot more HD 2 HBOs, 2 Showtimes,starz,encore all in HD all yeal the movie channel in HD and that dish is pointed the other direction towards the front of my house where there are no trees I am thinking of getting reid of my Direct HD pack if and when they get HDnet . here is a link to what they have
I've been watching VOOM closely. I would have no problem at all hitting their sat at 61.5. There are two issues with VOOM for me. The first is FOX. The closest FOX station is 55 miles away, and the digital broadcast that they output is pathetic. I'm all but certain that I wouldn't be able to get it. The second, which is the dealbreaker for VOOM right now, is the lack of a PVR. I have a DirecTivo, and between having no PVR and having no TV altogether, I'd choose no TV altogether.
As for the top of the house, it still wouldn't work. I live on the east coast, and the satellites are directly behind our house. To catch the 101 at a 40 degree elevation, we had to mount the dish on a 8 foot pole at the very front corner of our house to clear the tree. 119 is at a 30 degree elevation, and there is a hole in our trees that I am able to get it through. 110 is at 35, and I think I found a spot where I could stick it on and catch it too, but I'm not to keen on having two dishes 15 feet apart on my house.
Yeah I dont know when they will be getting Fox they just added Fox news the other day and I have tivo as well. Voom told me when there PVR comes out they will exchange the box I have now for free and I have also read this in a few threads but we will see here is an e-mail got from them on there PVD

E-mail from Voom about its DVR coming sometime in the 3 Quater of this year here are some of the features "VOOM's HD Home Media Network is being developed as state-of-the-art and the first of its kind anywhere in the world. VOOM will have the only DBS service with both HD DVR and Multiple HD sessions networked off a single drive over the in-home network. This will be the most advanced HD home product available," said Michael Collette, chief executive officer, Ucentric Systems. "We are very pleased to partner with VOOM in bringing this highly innovative product offering to market."

Additional key features of the VOOM HD Home Media Network will include:
Standard DVR functionality: stop, start, rewind and fast-forward at the touch of a button
Separate television control: pause and rewind a program on one television, while continuing to watch the same program on another television
Record and play - whenever: record a program in one room and play it in another, at any time
"Follow Me": pause a television program in one room and then continue watching the same program in another room
Content organization: organize recorded content in folders and set parental controls that download automatically to each television in the house
Music and photos: upload both music and photos from a computer, which can then be managed through on-screen television menus and enjoyed anywhere in the
Do you have it in writing that they'll swap your current box for a DVR for free? Do you rent the equipment or did you purchase it outright?

I'll wait and see on their box, too. The Dish 921 is an HD PVR, but I'd rather have my trusty DirecTivo than a flaky box like that.
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