DIRECTV Settles Lawsuit Against PaySystems

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Sep 8, 2003
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Electronic Payment Processor No Longer Accepting Business from Sellers of Satellite Piracy Equipmen

El Segundo, CA Apr 15, 2004 DIRECTV, Inc., announced today that it recently agreed to settle a lawsuit it filed last fall against PaySystems, one of Canada's largest Internet-based payment processors, and a number of John Doe defendants, who DIRECTV claimed were processing payments for merchants selling goods marketed or designed to allow piracy of DIRECTV's satellite signal.

Although the terms of the settlement agreement remain confidential, as part of the resolution of the matter, PaySystems is subject to an injunction prohibiting it from offering any services to merchants selling goods marketed or designed to allow piracy of satellite signals in the future.

Expressing confidence that PaySystems will adhere to the court order, Chris Murphy, assistant general counsel, DIRECTV, Inc., said, "From the beginning of the matter, PaySystems has maintained that it would abide by the letter of the law, and respect any injunction issued in this case."

Murphy added that the lawsuit against PaySystems represented an expansion of DIRECTV's anti-piracy enforcement strategy and that similar actions would likely follow in the future.

"Like any other sellers of illegal products on the Internet, satellite pirate merchants depend upon third-party providers to allow them to operate effectively," he said. "This lawsuit should deter third-party providers from offering their services to people engaged in illegal satellite piracy transactions. The injunction entered in the case will reduce the overall availability of such ancillary services."

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